About Us


Jakpost.travel is the Jakarta leading travel writer and publisher which is best known for its “tell it like it is” attitude. We are writing the journeys and travel trips as accurate as it was and keep our visitors up-to-date with fresh content and authoritative writing.

Jacpost.travel came into existence in 2009 with the aimed to provide the readers and the visitors of Jakarta a guide and to-do activities in Indonesia especially when they come to the heart of Indonesia, Jakarta. The blog is now turned into a community of travel bloggers and tourist who are happy with their journey to Jakarta and love to express their feeling and share their experience about their trip.

Abid Kaleemullah is the owner and publisher at jakpost, he is graduated from university of Jakarta in geography. Traveling around the world, capturing the moments and writing the feeling into words is his hobby. His passion for travel and writing turn him into a fulltime blogger. Abid started this blog in 2009 and him constantly uploading his latest journeys and pictures to the blog.

JakPost travel Guides provides you:

Jakpost is growing day by day due to combined efforts of bloggers and travelers. For now the blog is providing the visitors

  • Inspirational articles, travel informationabout Jakarta
  • Share the high resolution captured moments from the trips
  • Places to visit in Jakarta
  • Travel guides and to-do list during your stay in Jakarta
  • Affordable and adorable residence in Jakarta
  • Common terms and phrases that a tourist must know while visiting Indonesia.