Preparatory for Property Valuation

The extent to which both investment bankers that are advising large companies and their executives fail to realize the importance of conducting due diligence on IP issues before engaging in these transactions very often it becomes an after thought are perhaps they view conducted due diligence as a nuisance but the reality in this day and age when times are tough.

I’m there a lot of people out there looking for excuses to sue boards of directors share holders senior executives and there are new as I’ve said before there are new statute allowing whistle blowers to come in and blow the whistle on executives for fell family to conduct due diligence are failing to disclose the truth about Sydney property rights in the value of the site as I minutes ago you have to look at the situation both defensively often simply by defensively I mean you have to really have an understanding.

What your competition is all about what Property Valuation Perth where what rights do they have what Sydney property rights can they assert against you to make your life miserable I think too many companies. I fail to understand the importance%uh looking at the competition and understanding the competition patent row our topic great controversy within the property world many companies I and senior executives have the perception that they’re being burdened under reasonably with lawsuits by people who have no business bringing those people who are not really their competitors but who are simply in the business.

I love procuring and acquiring patent rights and then holding up big companies for ransom the key for companies is to understand that not every so-called patent troll on is in the business up doing something wrong or illegitimate it’s not like a phony slip and fall case many of these patents are real now on the other hand there is legitimacy to the concerned about litigation costs litigation costs include including a specially cases brought by patent trolls I are real problem for companies of all size patent litigation the average the average cost.